Sustainability check / materiality analysis

We usually use the CheckN here. This gives us a clear picture of the relevant factors based on the UN's 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the most important fields of action.
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Cultural analysis

The analysis of the internal culture is eminently important in order to approach a basis for the development of soft skills in a goal-oriented way. We use deep white, which explicitly takes sustainability criteria into account with the St. Gallen University, or QC (Quantified Company), which provides an unbiased picture through the bottom-up approach.

Stakeholder dialogues

From a systemic perspective, the external perspective must also be included in the status quo analysis. With structured interviews online or in person, we gain insights into the most important stakeholders.

U-Journey / U-Camp

This is about recognising systemic connections and the "best possible" future. U-Journey not only stands for our name, but also for the underlying concept of the theory according to C. Otto Scharmer and the U-shape of the process in the iceberg model. You can find the details under U-Journey. We adapt individually, of course. If the Corona situation allows it again, we will also offer the concept as a U-Camp in face-to-face format.
U-Journey to a sustainable corporate leadership

Team coaching

There are situations and reasons where the U-Journey or U-Camp does not fit. We can also carry out coaching of the leadership team conventionally in suitable rooms as an alternative or supplement. For "walking through the U", an event lasting several days should also be planned here. Other events can also be conducted well online, we have high competence in interactive online sessions.

1 on 1

For the members of the management team, especially for the entrepreneur, an accompanying 1 on 1 coaching is extremely beneficial. We like to use the professional personality analysis tools from INSIGHTS MDI here. Especially here, after the initial personal contact, online implementation is possible without any problems and makes economic sense.

Blended Online-Learning

The 3 main components of these online trainings are

  1. Highly interactive live online training
  2. Exciting and entertaining e-learnings
  3. Transfer exercises and practical tasks in small learning groups

Together with our network partner Terra Institute, we offer the most relevant topics as open courses.


Live online sessions


Learning content for self-study


Transfer tasks


Classroom training

Eclipsed by Corona, the face-to-face format still offers the most intensive learning experience. 2-day events have proven to be ideal. Here, too, we cover the range of topics from soft skills, such as sustainable business management for junior managers, to relevant factual topics - as an example: Circular Economy.


Regular workshops with managers and employees are also part of the implementation. On the one hand, the sustainable vision and strategy effectively seep into the company. On the other hand, and even more important: by involving everyone, the entire potential in the heads is used and it has an enormous motivational effect. If economically possible (and in view of the Corona situation), these workshops are held in a face-to-face format. However, online is also possible, in which case we use the collaborative tool MIRO to complement the Zoom sessions.
  • Start Green Tools

    Sustainable business models

    Here you will find tools and assistance for creating sustainable business models. Especially interesting for founders and start-ups.
    Start Green Tools
  • Klimareporting

    Climate strategy

    Guidelines, field reports and background information on introducing a climate strategy.
    Climate reporting
  • Forum CSR

    Sustainable management

    There are many great suggestions, examples and best practices on the website of the Sustainable Business Forum.
    Forum CSR
  • CE Learning Hub

    Circular Economy

    Freely accessible "Learning Hub" on the topic of the circular economy. Prepared and made available by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
    Circular Economy Hub
  • SDGacademy Grafik

    SDG academy

    High-quality, freely available self-learning courses on all the SDGs, from the "world's leading experts on sustainable development".
    SDG academy
  • Coursera Sustainability Grafik


    Learning platform, which offer various courses on the topic of sustainability.
  • edX Sustainability Grafik


    Learning platform, which offer various courses on the topic of sustainability.
    edX Platfform

Free knowledge

The knowledge of the world is on the internet. Complete and always up-to-date. For pure self-learning, you can choose from a whole range of professional and freely available offers. It is ideal to combine this knowledge transfer with interactive elements such as workshops or learning groups.

Implementation coaching

In online coaching or personal sessions, we reflect on progress and any hurdles along the way. The steps are not determined, but emerge in an agile process.
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An important first step is the implementation of quick-wins. This is motivating and often linked to immediate cost savings (e.g. in energy or recycling).
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In projects and programmes, the hard and soft issues identified as important with regard to the vision are taken up and implemented. Good controlling and reporting supports us here.
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From the vision of the "best possible future", we develop a culture of sustainability and derive strategy that is oriented towards the triple bottom line, i.e. the simultaneous pursuit of social, ecological and economic sustainability.