Transformation to a sustainable company

True sustainability begins in the mind

Only sustainable companies are prepared for the future. Along with digitization, the transformation to a sustainable economy is one of the major changes of our time. Companies are facing the challenge of a fundamental transformation.
rapid development
drastically changing market rules
high complexity
new, systemic thinking
innovative business models

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker)

A sustainability strategy is important. But real change can only be achieved with a new way of thinking, with a real change in corporate culture.

Companies, but especially management and executives, need new knowledge and new competencies, indeed a new 'mindset'. Individual and highly effective coaching concepts support you on your journey to the "best possible future".

Successful transformation through a holistic approach

Hard and soft factors
Agile and individual
Pragmatic and implementation-oriented
Professional tools and individual methods
Competent coaches and network partners
Iceberg process
You and your company will benefit the most from our coaching concepts. We promise. A culture of sustainability starts in the head and in the heart. With our training offers, we impart relevant expertise and strengthen competence building for sustainability at all levels. The transformation to sustainability also requires working on the factual issues and often also the support of competent consultants with specialist know-how and industry experience. Here we rely on our network partners.

Request an individual offer

To ensure that the transformation leads to success, each customer project is tailored precisely to the requirements and needs. Arrange an initial meeting with us - e.g. online via Zoom or Teams. This way we can get to know each other and agree on possible next steps.

Our conditions?

€175/h or €1.400/day
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