Sustainable Corporate Leadership

The most inspiring learning experience for futurists

Your expedition into the future

Tomorrow's economy is sustainable and oriented towards system value. This requires many small and large steps, but above all a new mindset.
A new vision for a stable, resilient economic life in harmony and for the benefit of nature, society and with ourselves
Power and clarity for the steps of transformation and for one's own best possible future

Real change begins in the mind

Based on Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer, we go through a deep process of discovering and realising the "best possible" future.
U process-en


Many people want a consistently sustainable economy. And often there is inner and outer resistance.

The aim of this course is to become aware of this, to question more deeply and to vision the "best possible" future.

Such a clear vision of the future is both a compass and a source of energy.

Target groups

Management teams

CSR teams

Project groups "Sustainability"


Intensive exchange and strong experiences also in the online format - that is our expertise and our promise.

The U-Journey is not a cruise with a fixed schedule, but an expedition. As expedition leaders, we moderate this process with proven and innovative methods for the steps of reflecting - letting go - letting emerge and creating.

In the phases of experiencing, there is an opportunity to experiment and explore.

Each expedition participant records their personal experiences in a travel journal so that the implementation and further journey into the "best possible" future is successful.

We provide concentrated knowledge on sustainable business management in the e-learning course for self-study.

Live online

6 * 90 minutes in 3 weeks
Highly interactive


Between the live online sessions
Individually or in small groups


E-learning course for self-study
For preparation and follow-up
Learning path U-Journey
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

E-learning course Chapter 1

  • The changing world


Approx. 2h learning time

Reflecting and letting go

  • Introduction, getting to know each other

  • Impulse: Systemic connections

  • Active listening and observing

  • Letting go, allowing, enduring

  • The power of the "Controlled View"


Approx. 3h live online sessions + 2h individual, small group work

Letting go and letting emerge

  • Impulse: Change and Transformation

  • IKIGAI - in harmony with oneself

  • Future Canvas

  • What dies? What is breaking through?

  • The dimension of time


Approx. 3h live online sessions + 2h individual, small group work

Letting emerge and creating

  • Impulse: Agile Management 

  • Learning to think from the vision 

  • Cornerstones of change 

  • Co-creation - the vision becomes tangible

  • Quick wins - the motivating power of action

  • Retrospective and departure

Approx. 3h live online sessions + 1h individual, small group work

E-Learning Course Chapters 2-6

  • Sustainable business models

  • Sustainable services

  • Marketing, communication and cooperation

  • The leadership role of the future

  • Successfully managing the transformation process

Approx. 10h learning time

You get a clear picture and many good-practice examples of what successful, sustainable business really is

You develop your personal sustainable vision for yourself, your team, your company

Motivation, energy and concrete steps towards the "best possible" future

Exchange ideas with like-minded people and expand your network for a better world

Concentrated knowledge - about 12 hours of learning material on the relevant basics of sustainable business management

Recognise, reflect and strengthen your personal values and drivers - with yourself and in exchange with others

Start or reinforce your path as part of a sustainable, regenerative and cooperative economy

Participate from anywhere - the course is entirely online-based

Effective and energising learning experience - accompanied by experienced and professional online coaches


Running on our Zoom platform - also possible on other platforms
Participants need a webcam and hands-free device/headset as well as a pleasant, quiet atmosphere
Group size of up to 20 participants


We want to take as many people and businesses as possible on this journey and have therefore deliberately set the prices low.
€ 3.500 / team up to 10 (1 Coach)
€ 5.000 / team 11 to 20 (2 Coaches)
Optional individual coaching: € 225 / h

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Request informally by e-mail