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Successful green transformation

Based on Theory U (C. Otto Scharmer, MIT) .
Iceberg processCharacteristics of a Green Mindset
VISTAGE is an executive coaching network. In one of our regular business meetings Stefan Urke really hit the point with  a workshop on sustainability leadership, proven also by excellent feedback from the participants. He made us start thinking about our impact on the massive environmental problems, but also inspired for a new understanding of entrepreneurship in harmony with nature and society.
Uwe Hess

Uwe Hess

CEO Vistage Hessen GmbH
Stockmeier Gruppe

Mike Dannenberg

Managing Director Stockmeier Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
Stefan Urke inspired our team in a 2.5 days workshop (U-Camp) for a real green mindset. We found our long-term sustainability vision and drafted the strategic cornerstones with the aid of the traffic light model.  Many thanks to Stefan for this intense and ground-breaking workshop. We look forward to his continued support in our green transformation.
Sustainability is firmly rooted at TEEKANNE as a family business. To take the next Steps, we worked together with Jan and Stefan Urke in a spirit of trust. In doing so, they distinguished themselves through the highest level of competence, which they implemented with us - and we particularly liked this - in a pragmatic way. For our sustainability week, we designed a survey with the Urkes in which we gained important insights into our sustainability in the Company. Jan gave our opening keynote on the topic of "Green Mindset". And what can I say? I couldn't have asked for a better one!
Thank you so much for your support.
Michelle Sommer

Michelle Sommer

Sustainability Manager at TEEKANNE Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Bjorn Henrik Brandtenborg

Bjørn Henrik Brandtenborg

Consultant development, Environmental Lighthouse Foundation
The Environmental Lighthouse Foundation is Norway's leading environmental certification. As part of our strategic approach and competence-enhancing program for the consulting department, we wanted to offer the environmental lighthouse consultants the course «Green business models». We then chose Stefan Urke to prepare and complete the online course which consists of three modules as well as assignments and self-study. Stefan's outstanding competence both in sustainability management and in the didactic approach was the basis for the great success and the satisfied participants. We will continue with the course "Green business models" for our consultants together with Stefan.

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