Culture analysis tool

check it by deep white - a holistic culture performance measurement and management tool - is the world's most comprehensive analysis tool for corporate culture. The special feature: In the .sustainability product, an analysis tool was developed in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen that explicitly measures sustainability culture.

  • Success culture in 13 dimensions
  • Internal anchoring of sustainability
  • Supply chain audit
  • Sustainability report light
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Quantified Company is an innovative and ingeniously simple survey tool. 2 simple, open questions according to the pattern

  • What is good?
  • What could be better?

are given to all those involved for voting and finally evaluated. The results are honest and reliable socio-economic analyzes.

  • Analysis of the corporate and management culture
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Employee survey
  • Bottom-up, participatory, efficient
  • 2 simple, open questions
  • Valuable information on potential for improvement
  • Immediate feasibility

Collaboration tool

The online collaboration tool Miro makes digital collaboration a breeze. It offers an infinite canvas on which to collaborate with different tools. In addition, great templates are available to create a sprint plan, for example, within a very short time.

  • Central communication & collaboration tool
  • Synchronous & asynchronous collaboration
  • Widgets and ready-made templates
  • Powerful platform functions
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Online simulation

This serious multiplayer game impressively demonstrates the positive correlation between sustainability and business success. The players take on the role of managers of large consulting agencies in a guided online process. In several rounds they have to reconcile economic, social and ecological sustainability.

  • Guided online simulation
  • Serious game for several players
  • Integrated in a 1/2 day short-term workshop
  • Transfer to the participants' own practice
  • Basis for further steps towards sustainable business management

Sustainability check

CheckN is a pragmatic, "haptic" tool based on the SDGs, with which the materiality matrix and sustainability check are jointly developed in a workshop. The resulting sustainability report is an excellent starting point for further measures and is compatible with GRI, DNK, GWÖ etc. The implementation status of the SDGs in the company is documented by a certificate.

  • Materiality matrix
  • Determining the status quo
  • Deriving goals and measures
  • Input into existing management systems
  • Basis for further reporting (according to GRI, DNK, GWÖ)
  • Basis for a sustainable strategy
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Proof for banks, investors, suppliers
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Digital learning platform presents digital learning content well arranged in a tile format. In individual chapters, participants can choose from a wide variety of formats: from simple texts, videos or web links to small tasks or quizzes. We use primarily for transferring knowledge. In addition, the system offers a chat function that is used intensively by participants, thus promoting dialogue.

  • Digital "asynchronous" learning content
  • Modern and simple tile look - easy to use
  • Integration of various formats
  • Interactive elements such as chat, quiz, tasks

Personality analysis

INSIGHTS MDI is a scientifically validated set of online tools for measuring behavior, driving forces and the important emotional intelligence that has proven itself millions of times.

  • Online tools for personality analysis
  • Measurement of behavior (basic style and adapted style)
  • Measurement of driving forces (motives, values, interests)
  • Measurement of the EQ (intra- and interpersonal emotional intelligence)
  • 3 versions: Basic, Sales, Executive
  • Also as team profile
  • Comparison of target settings and actual settings with standard or individual target profiles
  • Employment in personnel selection, training, coaching and team development
  • Excellent validation and proven a million times
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Virtual classroom

We prefer to use Zoom's virtual room for our live online events - but we are also happy to work with any of our customers' other platforms. Zoom has a high level of stability, excellent audio and video quality and provides many convincing features such as break-out rooms (spaces for group work).

  • Virtual classroom
  • Simple operation - easy to use
  • Excellent audio and video quality
  • Great learning experience due to different tools

E-Learning authoring tool

Articulate 360 is one of the most advanced and widely used e-learning authoring tools. With the product "Rise 360" we create beautiful, high-quality and responsive learning journeys for self-study.

  • Authoring tool for creating e-learnings
  • Responsive: display always adapted to all end devices
  • Many tools to interactively engage learners
  • High-quality look & feel
  • Learning is fun, thanks to a good overview
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